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How to Fix Annoying Cursor Jumping Problem While Typing Documents in Laptops?

Chandan Kumar
shared this article with you from Inoreader
Via askvg.com
Today I'm going to talk about one of the most irritating, annoying and frustrating problems I have ever encountered while using laptops. The problem occurs while typing some text. It doesn't matter what and where are you typing, you might be typing in Microsoft Word or a web browser or anywhere else. When you are typing some text, the mouse cursor automatically jumps to a different location and if you don't notice it and keep typing, you may end up with an unpredictable document which might look written in an alien language.
In past I was using Dell XPS 1530 laptop and I never faced such problem but when I got another laptop Dell XPS M15, I started having this annoying problem. I double-checked that my hands were not touching the touchpad accidentally. In fact I tried to type some text while looking at the keyboard and touchpad and still the cursor jumped to a different location.
First I thought that its a problem in my laptop but then I searched on Internet, I found there are many people who have faced the same problem while using a laptop with touchpad. Most of them were using laptops of Dell, HP or Sony.
So its definitely a problem present in some laptops and not in your hands. So what's the solution? How to fix this annoying cursor jumping problem?
Here is the answer! I found that a freeware "TouchFreeze" can fix this problem. It has been suggested by lots of people in Microsoft communities as well.
TouchFreeze is a free software which automatically disables the touchpad of your laptop as soon as you start typing. Since the touchpad is disabled, the cursor will not jump automatically while typing.


You just need to install the software and it'll sit in system tray. Its very simple to use and doesn't need any configuration. If you want to close it, you can right-click on its icon in system tray and select exit option.
If you are using a laptop and facing similar problem, you can give this freeware a try using following link:
Download TouchFreeze for Windows

Windows 8 and later operating systems come with a built-in option to prevent accidentally moving cursor while typing. You can find this option in PC Settings (Metro Control Panel).
1. Open Charms Bar by moving your mouse cursor to top-right or bottom-right corner of screen and then click on Settings option.
2. Now click on "Change PC settings" option given at the bottom.
3. It'll open Metro Control Panel or PC Settings page. Now go to "PC and devices -> Mouse and touchpad".
4. Now you just need to change the value of "To help prevent the cursor from accidentally moving while you type, change the delay before clicks work" option. First change its value to "No delay (always on)". If it doesn't work for you, try to change its value to "Long delay".


It should permanently disable the annoying cursor jump problem.
Have you also faced this problem while using a laptop? Feel free to share your experience in your comment...