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Bing Rewards now in #India, with @FreeCharge redeem coupons

Bing Rewards now in #India, with @FreeCharge redeem coupons
Bing Rewards program can help you to earn credits for searching on Bing or trying new features from Bing or other Microsoft products and services, which can be redeemable for a variety of gifts and other rewards. If you are in India, now you can register for it (which is free) and start rewarding yourself by just searching on Bing.com.
If you are new to this, checkout the blog posts and register for this free program. Start searching on Bing, start earning some rewards just for your searches.

Bing Rewards now available in India, having FreeCharge coupons in rewards list (www.kunal-chowdhury.com)

How to register?

To sign up for Bing Rewards you need to have a Microsoft account. You can use an existing Microsoft account or create a new one. The information related to your participation in Bing Rewards, including the number of searches you do, is stored in connection with the Microsoft account you signed-in with. You can sign up using a phone number or a valid email address.
To sign-up to Bing Rewards beta program or to see your earned credits, visit: https://www.bing.com/rewardsintl/dashboard. Make sure that, you set up your region properly in the settings page of the site.

Bing Rewards now available in India, FreeCharge coupons as redeemable gifts (www.kunal-chowdhury.com)

Once you join, Microsoft will award you 10 credit points as joining bonus. Then you can start searching on bing.com and start accumulating the points. Microsoft has tied up with FreeCharge.in for rewarding you with some coupons, as part of marketing/promotion. These coupons are valid for redemption on freecharge web app only. For complete terms and conditions, see www.freecharge.in.

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