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Modernizr and Polyfilling

Recently I have come across a question about the HTML5 feature support by different browsers. How you make sure that the application render properly in non-supporting browsers?

Answer for above question is the proper usage of Modernizr and Polyfilling.

Polifill is a code block that mimics the functionality of an API by providing fallback functionality to older browsers. For example, LocalStorage introduced in HTML5 is not supported in IE7; but we can use a Polifill to implement the LocalStorage support in IE7.

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 feature supports in user’s browser. Using Modernizr conditional statements, we can define the new features for supporting browsers and another code block for non-supporting browsers.

Modernizr along with Polyfill help the UI developer to address the non-supporting browsers.