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Smart Unit Test - Visual Studio 2015

One of my nightmare on development of new application is the creation of unit tests which cover all the code paths and provide a code coverage of more than 98%. Creation of unit tests matching all code paths and binding the same with proper test data occupy most of our time. This may not be the case with those who use unit test frameworks instead of using Visual Studio. As a Microsoft technology lover, it is hard for me to switch to any other unit test platform.

Now, MS is addressing my pain point by introducing the Smart Unit Test as part of Visual Studio 2015. Smart Unit test feature explores the .NET code and generate test data along with set of unit tests. Smart Unit Test perform a case analysis on each statement to generate unit tests, which provide maximum code coverage.

Creation of smart unit test as simple as opening a class file, right click on the method for which you need to generate the unit test and select Smart Unit Tests option from context menu. This will generate set of unit tests along with test data. We can save the unit tests and test data as a regression suit for future regression testing.