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How to find missing Operating system when you are making dual boot System.

In my one of my recent post, I try to help you to install the drivers when you are facing challenge to find EXE file to install it.

In this post I am going to explain another issue that most of us facing while making our system with dual boot.

In my case I have ghost file of window 7 and window server 2012. (I will another post about ghost file and their benefit) in sort ghost file is kind of image file with Operating system as well as programs installed in that operating system.

I had flashed first window server 2012 in D drive and then flashed window 7 in C drive and moved out from DOS boot and reboot my machine, I landed on window 7 machine and not able to boot with window server 2012, and start thinking how to get my missing Operating system.

 I don’t have boot selection screen.

Note: If you are installing the operating system by CD/Pen drive (not ghost) then you have boot selection screen will available.

Follow the below step to find the missing Operating system.     
  1.   Download visual BCD Editor from this site http://www.boyans.net
  2.  Install this on Operating system on which you are landing/running.
  3.  Run the application and follow the steps shown below screen shot.

     4. Reboot your machine.
     5. You will get dual boot selection screen, happily choose your favorite operating system to play.