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The password supplied with the username Administrator was not correct ” Error while creating web application in SharePoint

Recently I encounter one error in SharePoint 2010,  I just change the password of admin user of  SharePoint 2010. After that when I open the Central administration it seems crash! because I didn’t change the password of each the Appool use by the admin group of share point  central administration. When I change it seems fine and working perfectly  but when I try to create a new web application on the farm it showed me erorr somethign like that.
Error :
The password supplied with the username .\Administrator was not correct. Verify that it was entered correctly and try again” Error while creating web application in SharePoint 2010.
but after lil search I found that to change the app pool password is not enough, we need to change it by power shall as well in share point server 2010
go to the power shall and enter the command with you credential.
stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin <domain\username> –password<newpassword>.
When I run this command getting error : command line error, I am findinding solution

Today [28 March 2016] I found the solution. 

Resolved: Invalid error by stsadm command

I was trying to register custom profiledeletehandler by using stsadm command line utility. My command, code and assembly were perfect. But even then when I was trying to execute stsadm then it was displaying “The given assembly or codebase was invalid”.

Humnnn what could be the problem then after doing some research I came to know that I wrote the part of the command in notepad first and then copy/paste this part in command line. OMG, that was some encoding problem while copy/pasting the command.

Though if you delete the stsadm command and retype this in command line console then both (earlier & retyped) will look same. But this was only and major difference and solve the problem.

Solution: Please type the whole command by your own including each and everything.

Moral of the Story:

1. Avoid copy/pasting the stsadm command from other application as you can be the victim of this type of problem.

2. Always do check for PublicKeyToken values (If u are using assembly reference) twice and other spelling mistakes in stsadm command, as it can be the cause of these type of problems.