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MVC Interview Question - What are the benefits of using MVC?

3. What are the benefits of using MVC ?

There are two big benefits of MVC:
  • Separation of concerns is achieved as we are moving the code-behind to a separate class file. By moving the binding code to a separate class file we can reuse the code to a great extent.
  • Automated UI testing is possible because now the behind code (UI interaction code) has moved to a simple .NET class. This gives us opportunity to write unit tests and automate manual testing.

4. What is the latest version on MVC?

    MVC 6 is the latest version which is also termed as ASP VNEXT.

5. Is MVC is suitable for Windows and Web Application both ?

   The MVC architecture is suited for a web application than Windows. For Window applications, MVP,
   i.e., “Model View Presenter” is more applicable. If you are using WPF and Silverlight, MVVM is more
   suitable due to bindings.